Maximize your garden for refreshing and lively socials

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What makes a successful, fun-filled outdoor party? Good company, excellent food and drinks, cooperative weather, and a picture-perfect atmosphere. Their foundation? A host’s careful planning in creating the ideal canvas for an al fresco gathering.

Set against the greenery where guests can bask in the fresh air, backyard bashes already radiate a naturally lush ambience. If you want to throw a truly memorable al fresco party, here are some tips on setting up your venue.

Refresh your space
Ensure your garden is tidy and ready to accommodate guests. Keep your lawn lush by fixing glaring issues and maintaining your landscaped garden. Prune shrubs and clear your walkway. Be thorough when cleaning your outdoor furniture. 

Set the mood
To establish the ambience of your soiree, it’s best to decide on a theme first — shabby chic or outdoor elan? Country BBQ or tropical paradise? Choose one and spruce up accordingly with décor and trinkets that also reflect your personality. You can never go wrong with a warm, cozy atmosphere.

If you’re holding the party past sundown, transform your space with soft illumination using tea candles and votives. String lights also provide a warm glow. 
Since this is about welcoming guests in your domain, create a playlist with songs you love but also appropriate for the party’s vibe. Keep it light, happy, and fun.

Decorate with nature

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Your garden is also a good source of décor if you wish to sprinkle your backyard with color and rustic touches. Foliage like flower clippings, dried leaves, and branches double as adornments. If you keep an herb garden, pick some fresh basil or rosemary to garnish your dishes and drinks. Dried herbs also make for a good potpourri. Complement these with interesting textures like fresh linens or canvas. Love is in the details, so accessories are key in creating a mood and supporting a theme.

Divide your area into different zones

Consider setting up small sections like a dining area, drinks station, and lounging area. After eating, it would be nice to have a relaxing space where you and your guests can exchange more intimate stories over cocktails or coffee — preferably with benches, cushions, throw blankets, and rugs. This is a good way to deepen your connection with families and friends.

While food and conversation are the highlights of an outdoor party, the perfect backdrop sets the stage for a memorable gathering of family and friends. Bring the indoors outside to create a truly memorable yet intimate gathering.

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