Plan ahead so you can enjoy the process

Seasons change as well as our taste in aesthetics and personal preferences — what we enjoyed a few years ago may not be as gratifying now. This is one of the main reasons most people remodel their homes despite the inevitable inconvenience.   

During this process of upgrading your home, problems may arise. However, when you keep an eye out for warning signs and if you’re prepared in every step of the remodeling, these difficulties can be mitigated. To avoid unnecessary costs and headaches, here are some tips to keep in mind before remodeling.

1.    Create a clear vision in mind
Nobody knows what you want more than yourself. So before you start on the prospect, make sure that your vision for the space is definite and your photo pegs and design inspirations are ready. If your main reason for remodeling is functional issues, make sure to address and fulfill that first.

Then, decide on the non-negotiables like the scope of work or the extent of the renovation — are you remodeling just a room or the entire home? If you pick the former, ensure that your new design is still aligned with the overall theme of your house, whether that’s Modern Asian, Country, or the Mediterranean-inspired. After that, have every décor and item picked out, from the paint and tiles to appliances and fixtures to save time in the future.

Most importantly, proceed at your leisure and don’t rush when getting advice from experts. Weigh your options and sleep on them.

2.    Get the right team
Whether you’re planning to collaborate with recommendations from friends for your home remodeling, consider doing a full-blown check on your contractors and sub-contractors. Verify their license and certification and study their portfolio to make sure you’re dealing with professionals in good financial standing. You may not be the expert, but you are the boss, so don’t hold back on asking them the right questions like how long they’ve been doing business, do they have references, and what’s their best and worst experiences among many others.

3.    Communicate effectively
After getting the right team of experts you can trust, nail down and discuss with them the big picture down to the smallest details. Make sure they understand your vision. For successful remodeling, prevent miscommunication by avoiding ambiguities in your plans. The last thing you want is a disaster brought about by a misunderstanding and expecting your contractors to be mind readers.

4.    Expect the unexpected
As much as you try your best to anticipate any questions and decisions by providing answers to your contractors in advance, there will always be some inevitable concerns that would arise during your remodeling journey. Making decisions under pressure can lead to regrettable moves, but taking too much time could delay the project. 
In this case, it’s advisable to collaborate with your contractors instead of making the decision alone. Ask for their opinion, but don’t feel pressured to compromise on the design.

5.    Go green
While you’re upgrading your lifestyle, incorporate new technologies for a greener home and future. Sustainable home improvements decrease electricity costs and pay for themselves over time, so it would be great to invest in wall insulation, energy-efficient windows, LEDs, and solar thermal systems.

We spend more time in our home than anywhere else, so don’t think twice about improving the quality of your life by revamping your space tailor-fit to your modern lifestyle. The process is fun as much as it’s overwhelming. Hopefully, with these tips, you’ll get the most out of this undertaking.

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